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how is it that I blog less when I’m less busy?!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I guess the answer lies in the fact that I'm still recuperating from my busy season.=) I find that I work well under pressure and am more productive when I have 20 million to-do's rather than 4 in a day?? I have a couple of friends in my life that tell me it's ok to chill and not have 24 to-dos checked off of my list at the end of every day... and I need to hear that. Yesterday I spent 3 hours at the park with my kids on a beautiful day, and that was totally worth it! So I hope you can forgive my slower pace these last couple of weeks. It reminds me of the few days/weeks after running your first marathon (Houston 2001 for me! - and congrats to all you who participated this weekend!.. I ran some with some friends and enjoyed cheering them on). You just hobble along and take it slow, easing back into the swing of things. Then before you know it, you're back in the saddle running even faster than before.

Ok, so enough chatting, let's get to the pics! I'm still catching up from last year, and I've promised to do that before I get into this year's sessions.

In honor of my recent mood, the theme of the day will be PEACEFUL. Enjoy! here's the seely's enjoying their new bundle of joy:

for a brief moment, we captured big sis and her sweet brother another little one, enjoying mom's loving and dad getting in on the action too! the jordans were new faces this year. I love this one. ooh.. and there's another precious member of this family

the gastons were good sports to load up from the cozy indoors and head outside for a few in the woods. I think we were well rewarded. ok - do you feel relaxed by now? The bond family did a great job of making it look like they were at least! of course, we had to play around a little too... I met the smiths earlier in the year, and they were back for more fun. This is as sweet as it gets. and just strolling on the path =) I can imagine that in about 5 years, this family photo will be a lot less peaceful as they add cousins! but for now, it was just one handsome fella to steal the show

thanks for looking! Check back for more tomorrow -

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