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how to read my wonky calendar

sorry for the confusing calendar.. it's a new thing and I'm struggling to make it user friendly. It's great b/c it syncs with my fancy iMac, laptop, iphone so I can update and access it anywhere, but that's no good if you can't understand it!

So, here's a tutorial on understanding my new calendar!! =) example #1 : March 11th - mini-sessions It says Bloom Mini sessions. If you click on it, it shows "mercer arboretum" as the location. handy, huh? Then underneath, it says 8:40 - 2pm; 20 min sessions So right now, in the early stages, I'm posting the time slots that are already booked. So you can see that as of today, 10, 10:20 and 2pm are booked. That means, the other 20 min slots are open! Likely when I get more full, i'll either just post the openings that are left, or say "email for openings"

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