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I have a few confessions...

on my 10th completed day residing in Europe. 1. I'm prerry sure I've had wine and chocolate every day ;) 2. I haven't exercised once, although I have been climbing more stairs, hoisting luggage, schleping bags, etc.. Oddly enough, I haven't gained weight probably because ... 3. I've only eaten lunch about every 3rd day. I leave the hotel to drop off kids at school and often have a list of things to do. I refuse to eat fast food in Europe, so I'd rather do without! I haven't refused, however, to indulge in the occasional Coke "Light" as they call it here. 4. I've driven on a sidewalk.. more than once. That's just the way they roll here and I've easily picked up that habit. 5. I haven't done laundry in 11 days, and although my new washer and dryer will be delivered tomorrow, it's possible I won't be able to figure out how to operate them. They're kind of tricky here with special softeners, and the fact that the settings are all in French, etc.. 6. Just now my 10 year old called me from his room to ask me where his pjs were. We're living out of bags and I've just been laying out their things but forgot to tonight. I never went in to officially check that he found them. He could be buck naked for all i know. 7. I burnt a grilled cheese sandwich tonight. I guess you could say I'm out of practice on the cooking front. Good thing our dear friend Laure and her French chef hubby, Luis, have invited us over for Christmas dinner, while we're in Paris! I'm contributing Belgian Trappist Beer. ;) 8. I miss my friends/mom most from 9am-3pm. That used to be my chat time.. while the kids were in school, either while I was on my computer or on my way to shoots. Not too many of my friends are up at 2am - 8am and free to shoot the breeze! And my multi-tasking days in the car are HISTORY! Now that I'm driving a manual PLUS hanging on Hermoine's every word (the GPS.. we named her.. she's British), my focus is 100% needed to get us from Point A to Point B! 9. My brain is in a state of travel mush. I've been researching our trip to Paris at the end of the week, what to do with the kids in Brussels the following week (they don't return to school until the 8th), then thinking ahead to the winter break (last week in Feb) and the 2 weeks of Spring Break. Flights can be crazy cheap, but you have to book early.. hence, the tabs open on my screen right now: RyanAir, lodging in the Canary Islands, the new Lego Hotel at the Legoland in Windsor, Mont St Michele, The Paris Muse tour for the Louvre esp for kids!, etc.. 10. I've only cried once since i've been here! I thought it would be because of missing home, being frustrated, etc.. but it was because of this precious letter expaining "the Truth about Santa" I read on Facebook. I think this is the year for us to write such a letter and it made me sad. And it's all because of TACO SEASONING. More on that next post.. stay tuned ;)

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