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I’m here!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Just checking in to say hi. I know it's been too long. I've had so much fun seeing a lot of returning famlies this season and have enjoyed meeting some new ones as well. On top of my 25+ shoot/s week, there's kids' field trips, my son's army birthday party next week, the breaking of my camera?!, etc.. good times.

let me share a few faves of my own kids for you =) These are in Tomball recently as I was trying out some new spots... i couldn't have dreamed up amore vibrant, fun background! a little more serene.. gotta love the strappy dress in a Houston October love the look on her face my big boy.. about to be SEVEN!@ and a couple from halloween. arrghh matey!

thanks for looking.. have hundreds of pics to share, so I appreciate you letting me sneak in a few of my own =)

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