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i say sea, you say lions…

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

SEA LIONS, SEA LIONS! A few shots to share from the fabulous Sea Lion's swim meets. mostly of the 6 & under boys, since that's where my heart lies =) the gang before the backstroke and a fun one some of my favorite shots of klein's buddies

on your marks... go! he hasn't perfected the dive yet, so jumping will have to do.. and of course, little sis is his biggest fan =) and daddy too..

so here's some advice for outdoor sports photography. I've been learning too! 1. have the shutter speed as high as you can to catch the action (or water dripping as the case in the pic above) 2. if it's sunny, use the lowest film speed you can (like 100) 3. If you can, use the widest aperture your lens will allow (my favorite is my 1.8 85mm) or 2.8, so that everything is blurred except for your subject. 4. crop in close so as not to have too many distractions in your photo 5. use the sports dial if you don't want to branch out! it should do it all for you! =)

will have more to share soon..

stay cool!

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