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I wanna soak up the sun…

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

do you hear sheryl crow singing in your head? good.. so the mood is set for the following post! our kids have been to destin,fl every summer as long as they can remember and it was time to up the ante. They love to hike and explore, and we were thinking it was time to head to a place where we can enjoy the beach AND explore. Boy, did we ever hit the jackpot at the Riviera Maya. We stayed at the beautiful Barcelo south of Playa del Carmen and were close to lots of mini-adventures for the week. here's a cutie pie fave at the beach in playa del carmen on the day we went into town. (mind you, I narrowed down from 1000 pics to 337 total for the week and am posting 64 of my favorites here - whew!)

loved the colors I found around town...

and we found a few other things as well =) klein "geeked out" with me at the ruins of tulum. I think I might have found my history buff mini-me in the making this might be my favorite picture of the trip. we were just at the resort pool one day and she was playing the gymnast/diver girl with daddy. i love her perfect form, the palm trees and blue skies and the water beads dripping off of her legs. I love that she looks completely blissful and in the moment without a care in the world. i love that I was there to capture it. well, I have daddy to thank for their fearless water loving ways. here we're at a local ceynote where we all (gulp.. the kids dragged me up there too) did a little cliff jumping and they snorkeled in crystal clear water with hundreds of fish. and more my speed.. white sand and blue water as far as the eye could see! and something to prove that I was there =)

I ended up having a shoot while I was there with the fabulous bell family, and I'll do their own post soon. It did get me to thinking about setting up a chubbyfoot mexico week possibly next year, just because there are so many fabulous opportunities there for an amazing family photography experience. So I'll keep you posted on that!

In the meantime, i'll be in Gulf Shores week after next (July 26 - Aug 2nd) if you happen to be around and are interested in beach pics that week!

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