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Ibiza via iPhone

remember when I was waxing poetic last month about a certain 19th wedding anniversary? What I failed to mention was that it was a "pre-recorded message" that I'd prepared to pop up on Aug 6th, as I actually lay on the beach in Ibiza with my hot date.. the Mrs, not the Mr :) Turns out the Mr was out of vacation, and the offspring were at camp, so I grabbed one of my expat besties and headed to the beach for a couple of days (one of those days just happened to be our anniversary!) Of course he was a good sport and told me to go for it. (I told you he's a keeper!) and we promised to do something fabulous for our 20th next summer. So check back in 11 months for that celebration!

One gift I decided to give myself on this trip was leaving my camera in the room and snapping just a few with my iphone. it really is freeing for me NOT to be lugging that puppy around wherever I go and it contributed to the relaxation of the trip. We parked ourselves on the beach for 2 days strait, ordered way too many sangrias, slept in late, soaked in the spanish sun and giggled at how many topless sunbathers that surrounded us :) We did manage to take a great hike, have a fantastic paella dinner and walk the old town at sunset. A great anniversary indeed! Thanks to my "mr" and "mrs" for making it such a memorable one. love you both!!

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