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in search of summer...

Moving to Brussels has been quite the climate change for us Houstonians. We've traded in our flipflops, sundresses and t-shirts for boots and jackets. There have been warm DAYS for sure, even a week maybe of hot. But even in July and August, it rarely stays and before you know it, those toes need to be covered again! My husband is the last to complain. He's an advid trail biker, so cool weather in the summer means he can take afternoon rides after work and not even break a sweat! The first week school was out, we had one of those glorious sunny days. I packed up the kids and we headed out to the Bois de la Cambre (just 10 minutes from our house) and soaked up the sun. It was 2pm in July and as you can see, we were wearing pants! This was my view for a couple of hours ;)

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