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In Search of Sun in Southern Spain: Part 1

Hola! months ago, we were invited to join some friends for a ski trip on our school's Feburary winter break. We had a family meeting and everyone said, "we're cold, let's go where it's warmer and/or we can see the sun!". So sadly, we had to say no to the ski trip and I set off to plan our trip to northern Africa/Southern Spain (Andalucia) . well, northern Africa got nixed (the best time to go really is April/May, and I want to save that for later) so we stuck with southern Spain. We did indeed see lots of sun and blue skies 3 of the 4 days, but the temps were still jacket worthy, not shorts and flip flops by any stretch. It was a great road trip and I'd love to share what we saw! After a lot of research, we decided this is the route we wanted to take: We flew in and out of Seville, Spain, and did a big circle. Fri night: Fly in to Seville just in time for tapas:) (remember the Spanish don't start eating until 9pm, so we were good to go! haha) Saturday and Sat night: Seville Sunday - drive to Ronda (2 hours), lunch and hiking, then drive on to Grenada (2 hrs) in time for walking tapas tour there. Monday night in Grenada Monday - most of day in Grenada. 4pm drove to Jaen to stay in Parador. Tues morning - explore ruins of Jaen castle grounds, then drive to Cordoba (1 hr). lunch and Mezquita. Leave around 4pm to drive another 1.5 hrs to Seville to catch our 7pm flight. Here's the route on a map:

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