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Happy thanksgiving week! I, for one, have SO much to be thankful for. We are looking forward to our first turkey day with family in 3 years, now that we're stateside again! Lots of family time, football watching, couch lounging, pie eating and turkey tasting on our agenda. I hope you have a similiar schedule :) I've completed a few recent photo collages using instagram photos and I wanted to share with you. There's one in particular that would make a great Christmas gift, so I thought this would be a good week to inspire you to use your photos as art! Of course, I hope you're inspired to use your Chubbyfoot family photos as well, but I realize I'm not with you 99.9% of your year like your iphone is, so here's a few of my recent faves. I LOVE this block from It comes with 12 prints and a wooden block made from reclaimed mountain beetle pine from Colorado. I had a block made from a recent trip to Seattle and it's the perfect gift for trip pics! (tip: artistic, abstract shots tend to print better than faces I find.. )

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