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is it Feb 16th already!?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

the cat in

the hat - horton the elephant with "jojo" in the background cat, joj

o and the whos the sour kangaroo, with her sidekick.. that kangaroo could SING. gertrude mcfuzz getting her improved tail..

and now back to real life =) this is erin, the mom-to-be.. all the way from Midland. good luck erin! sleep while you can!

and here's a cutie from even further than midland.. try BELGIUM! He's in the states visiting his sweet cousins. So glad I was able to photograph them all.. and so glad the weather cooperated that day!

I've gotten to see lots of babies this year so far. That's great for us, since we can be indoors and not out in this crazy weather!? here's mr. warren - we tried to make him all scrunched up and newborn looking since he was 9.5 lbs when he was born just 3 weeks ago! here's a sweet shot of mason -

and here's brayden all cool now that he's TWO. =)

finally, a couple of my cuties participating in their first race. it was supposed to be a 1/2 mile, but i think it was more like .25.. oh well.. they had fun and hopefully will love running like their mom.

and a final valentine's message, just 2 days late!

whew.. does all that posting make up for 2 weeks of not?? will try to check in more frequently - thanks for looking =)

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