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island bound

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I know you all are wondering how these galveston pics are going to turn out! you've all seen my Destin photos and we all know Galveston is no Destin. Alas.. here's a few of my favorites from my first shoot on Thursday night with the precious miss claire. Destin, schmestin... =)

I had so much fun, I can see this being a semi - annual event.. so be looking for more great galveston pics in the coming days/weeks.

(and a VERY special thanks to my dear client and friend, candi, for hooking us up at the San Luis. What a treat it's been! You need to stay there for the pool alone next time you go! I'd say "tell them I sent you", but really, it won't do you any good.. ha.ha.. one day, maybe)

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