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Istanbul Part 3: {traveling with kids in Europe & Asia}

I feel like our experiences living overseas will be the beginnings of great party jokes one day. You know the ones that start like this - "Did I ever tell you about the time ..." ... I scraped my windshield in the hotel parking lot with a 'my little pony' because it was 6am, the 3rd day we were in Belgium and I didn't have a scraper in the rental car!? ... we drove to the Christmas markets in Germany the 1st week we were here and the GPS ran out of charge with no map in the car? ... we put petrol in our diesel rental car? In rural France? ... we picked feathers off of our brown grocery store eggs. Every time? ... we had to get a physical on our house hunting trip and the doctor said after about 3 sentances, "I need you to take all your clothes off", and there was no paper wrap!? And I was expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out and say I'd been punk'd? And the list goes ON and ON! haha.. Traveling to Turkey definiltey had it's share of dinner-party-stories. like the one where... ... we split up and took each kid to our first Turkish hammam (bath). The women's side was all topless and we both got a real scrubbing by an also topless bather that did NOT look like Gisele. ... at the above Hammam, when miss priss tells me her eyes are burning a little and I say, "because of the steam or because of seeing all the big boobies?" ;) ... getting caught in the rain in Asia and waiting under a playground fort for a good 30 minutes with a couple of gypsies and a smoking pandhandler. ... sitting at a restaurant all with wet feet for no less than 3 hours, outside, while cats were fighting and trying to get K's food. Only to be told after we'd been waiting about 2 hours that the waiter forgot to put our order in. (we actually had amazing food much of the time.. this was the exception!) ... being chatted up by no less than 4 men our first day trying to take us to a carpet shop. Maybe we looked less green on our 2-4th day because it seemed to subside after that. ... running across the set of a James Bond film and then seeing later that week in the news that a freakish wind storm had torn it down a few days later. ... hearing the call to prayer for the first time in the streets. It was so loud we just had to stop and sit and watch (and listen). By our 3-4th day, it was old hat and we strolled on about our business smiling at the few others you could tell were hearing it for their first time.. ... we took the kids to Asia for their first time? And now for Day 3 of our Istanbul adventure. We started out by heading to the Church in Chora, famous for it's Byzantine mosaics. It did not dissapoint and it was a treat to share our Christian faith with our children right there in Istanbul, thanks to these stories that have been preserved for hundreds and hundreds of years, thru such an amazing art form.

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