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"it doesn't snow in Belgium!"

You hear this all the time.. it's kind of like it never rains in Tiger Stadium (that's for my LSU peeps out there) :) But really, Belgium has the unique climate pattern of being perpetually about 35-40' (or about 3-6' celcius as we're used to seeing now) and rainy, but hardly ever breaking 32/0' and snowing. So we have the cold and moisture part, but hardly any of the fluffy white stuff. Except for a few times a winter. And when it happens, traffic is crazy, cars are stuck everywhere bc there's not a lot of snowplows or salt trucks, etc.. Last January, it snowed on a Friday afternoon during rush hour and it took Danny 4 hours to come home about 45 miles. I got stuck not being able to go up a hill (since I don't have snow tires on the Twinkie - my Twingo go-cart car) and had to leave the car and walk the rest of the way to pick up K at swim practice. It was crazy! Well, we've already had 3 days of snow this week (2 days were just flurries really, but one good make-a-snowman-day) and of course we were out at first light! The forecast calls for BIG snow tomorrow, so maybe I'll have some more to share soon! Boy, does it ever feel like Christmas!! :)

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