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it’s bittersweet

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I love seeing everyone this time of year. I get many return clients and I love seeing the kids grow. It's a privledge that so many of you call and want my photos in your albums each year =) finding the time to take the photos is fun and easy.. it's the post-process that's eating my lunch (hence the bittersweet title). note to self: find Photoshop/office help for next season! I posted on my site that I'm no longer taking new clients this year, only exsisting ones. And.. even still it might take a good 10 days to get the photos back to you if you book in December. here's a couple of yummy blankets from the last week that caught my eye.. baby Ayin - james -

and here's a beautiful mom in her maternity glory and here's something I'm really excited about for next year. I plan on coming to Houston more and capturing some unique images there. My friend, Tammy (local wedding photographer) and I traded services last weekend and had fun experimenting. Well, we explored for about 2 hours with our 5 kids total, so maybe not fun, but inspiring, yes! here's some of my favorites: I'll have more details about these sessions in 2007! the taltons - and of course, my cuties.. (wheatleys on my site)

ok.. I have 20 shoots to proof, so I need to get off of this blog!

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