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it's fall y'all! {chubbyfoot calendar update} You get first peek at my fall calendar! It's still a work in progress.. which means, these are dates/times I'm commited to working, but could be adding more as I start scheduling and need to adjust. Just keeping checking back or shoot me an email if you can't find something you need... A few notes about this season: 1. Mini sessions are great for most of you, so make sure and take advantage if all you need is an update. If you don't see a time on the calendar that works for you, just let me know and we'll see what we can do. If you can come to me in Kingwood, I'd be willing to do one just for you.. but if you want to schedule in Houston or another suburb, maybe we can get a group going that isn't on the calendar yet. It's fluid! 2. Full sessions are a possiblility if you want a longer time frame, have a larger group, "at home sessions".. I'm happy to do full sessions (And enjoy the extra time to be creative), so it's an option if you want it. 3. ALWAYS, ALWAYS feel free to shoot an email if you're unsure of a date/offering. Never hurts to ask. Like you, I have kids' schedules that I'm waiting on and things change, so you never know if I'm free, say, this weekend! Never hurts to ask. I don't mind at all. With all that said.. here's a fun look back at a lot of the families I was furtunate to see in 2014. I REALLY, REALLY love my job and have to pinch myself that I make money doing something I absolutely love so much. I hope it shows :) Perhaps I'll see your smiling face in front of my lens this fall, or in 2016, or just in Target or at Barnabys!

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