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it’s like a little blue box… only better!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

It's a chubbyfoot gift certificate!

3 more days to get one for someone you love.

here's the details: * you don't have to pay now. Just tell me the amount you intend to give and you can pay at the time of the actual photos (or if you're giving as a gift to someone not in your family, just send me a check when they book)

* you don't have to give the entire amount. If you know they'd like to have pictures done, you can give $100, $150,etc.. that they can use towards their pictures this year.

* call or email by noon on Tuesday. I can either get it in the mail Tuesday or can email you something to print if you like.

and because every post needs a photo... a few happy faces, not unlike a recipient of a chubbyfoot gift certificate! =)

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