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"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

we are certainly enjoying our first full holiday season in Europe. Last year, we arrived on Dec 12th (yes, our anniversary is coming up this week!) and while we tried to make the most of it (4 christmas markets, Christmas in Paris, etc..), it was kind of a blur! So with almost a full year under our belt, it's been fun to be more deliberate about our plans and travels and able to really soak in the season.

K's birthday is Nov 27th (an event that I did in fact photograhp and promise to share soon), so I've never been one to have the Christmas tree up before then. Between Thanksgiving and little sis's bday Dec 15th, there's a LOT of activity in the Wheatley house, so Dec 1st is the official start of the season for us! With that in mind, I went with a group of friends on Nov 30th to Lille, France (just over an hour from here) to our first christmas market of the season. It was cute, not crowded on a weekday (which is a HUGE bonus) and we all had a great time! I'd highly recommend for a smaller market experience close to Brussels.

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