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Joyeux Noel! (revisited)

Christmas in Paris.. what a fantastic way to spend our holiday! We ALWAYS go home (to Louisiana or MS) for Christmas, so we needed something spectacular to not be sulking at being at home for the first time as a family. Of course, we still missed them and have plans to be home next year, but Paris was a great diversion. Danny and I have been years ago, so it was nice that we didn't "have" to see everything with the kids. I know we'll be back with visiting friends (hopefully when it's warmer!), and we'll have many more times to see the sights.. I've already told you a little about our dear friend, Laure, here. They really were such gracious hosts. I hope I get to return the favor soon! Actually, she really loves Danny's parents and is so excited that they are finally coming to thir neck of the woods this spring! Here's some pics I grabbed of our fun evening together.

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