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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

ok, so I've got 167 pics to be blogged.. where do I start!? I thought I'd pick a theme. since I'm an only child (did you know that about me??), I'll start there. =)

Here's some of my favorite one-child family shots. Some of them will be 2 child families by this time next year, but for now they qualify! miss glynnes.. we had fun earlier in the year and it was a pleasure to see her again. look at that face! miss eve jane looking so proper in her first formal christmas portait but we couldn't keep her dressed for long! miss emily was an only, but I imagine she's a big sis about now! tanner and I met for the first time last week and I was instantly smitten. I think I wore him out! =) addi's mom knew just how to get a smile from her!

and how much fun is this!? Dad was a very good santa, although it took miss ellis quite a while to warm up she will be a big sis soon, so congrats you guys!

miss natalie was the cutest little witch I've ever seen! grandma made this for her and she modeled it so well. It was fun seeing you guys again!

baby "r" was so stylish for her session. She was all smiles and at a perfect age where she just sits there and looks pretty! by now, she's probably crawling up a storm! well.. I guess she's technically not the only "baby" in the house this beautiful family was in a joy to photograph what a sweet, handsome boy... I had fun meeting the durheims for the first time!

and one last "one" - the vincent family rockin' the heights with me this wall was calling out my name! many, many more to share, but it's 7pm on a Friday night and I need to get off this computer!? thanks for looking =)

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