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Kortrijk, Belgium {local adventure}

Welcome back! I'm on a roll, y'all! ;) Last month, my husband had a work collegue in town for a couple of weeks and like the good tour guide that he is, made sure and gave him a good intro into all things Belgian. 1. Beer. And more beer. ( I mentioned this was my husband's friend, right?!?) haha.. 2. WWII sights (I was out of town, so no photos, sorry!) 3. Medieval Belgium tour, complete with moats and beguinages and towers in cute Kortrijk. 4. Culinary faves: we started the day with famous Stockel waffles, had a chocolate snack, then polished off some gouda and spicy mustard in Ghent. I'd like to share a few pics from our time in Kortrijk, Moen (Alvinne Brewery) and Ghent today. Here's a map of the area we visited. It's a little over an hour west of Brussels.

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