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krakow, poland {traveling wtih kids in Europe}

a few weeks ago, we took advantage of a long weekend and headed to Krakow, Poland. The fresh fall leaves on the ground were a pleasant surpise and just icing on the cake of this eastern european gem. "the Book of Rick" (aka Rick Steves, our Europe guru), says that Krakow is the "new Prague" and I can see why. It's got a fantastic old city, complete with walls, gates, medival churches and towers and an evocative Jewish quarter and history. 2 full days were barely enough to scratch the surface, but we made our best effort.. rising early and staying out late to enjoy this fabulous city. It was an added bonus that everything was so reasonable! From our 2 bedroom flat that cost around 70 euro a night to dinner for 4 costing maybe 40 euro, it was a welcomed perk after traveling so much the last year. So without futher ado, lovely Krakow...

Thanks for looking and happy adventures near and far!

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