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land of pears – part 2

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

back from the game and they won! (my son is in the playoffs for the first time in his baseball league. pretty exciting stuff in our household.) So now on Saturday we have 7:30am swim meet, 11am baseball playoffs and 4pm dance recital. (for my daughter, not my son =) pretty exciting day ahead.

Ok, back to the Pearland group. Of course I need to highlight the Myers'. She's the one that talked me into this day in the first place. here's the fam and sweet D he wasn't doling out the smiles too generously, but we talked him out of a few! and you've seen this little cutie before. The myers' and breeleigh's parents have arranged this marriage for about 28 years from now =)

and here's Toni's fabulous aunt and uncle that lent us their amazing lawn for pictures for the day. thanks, you guys! now on to another sweet family. Cousins that live down the street from each other. And now 3 newborns to add to the mix! knox and kort making it look easy! and the sweet piepho cousins. A little harder to shoot since there were 2 babies! but still oh so sweet.. and their estatic big sis

yay. thanks all you paerland folks. I enjoyed coming out to your neck of the woods.

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