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can you believe it.. Europe!! In case you didn't know, i've been readying for this move for oh, the last 25 years!? It all started when for my 11th birthday, I have an excited picture of me and my favorite present ever, a world globe! I mean seriously! Who gets excited about that!? ME, that's who! Thru junior high and high school, I continuted my geek out with a love for literature and history. Studied it in college, graduating with a double major in those subjects and taught Geography in our new state of Texas. That's really when we began traveling and we became hooked! My husband and I both LOVE to explore new places.. immerse ourselves in the culture, try something crazy on the menu (ok, that's him, not me), walk to the highest tower possible, take the public tranportation, and the list goes on...

I've already spent countless hours researching Belgium and where I want to visit.. my list is way too long for the 2-3 years i'll be there! But I've vowed to keep you up to date with the details of the move, which means I'll be blogging much more regularly. Hold me to it, ok! I've been inspired by several bloggers that live abroad (thanks, Lane, for sharing!) and I've spent the last 10 hours glued to their contents! Some are Belgian, a lot are French (we'll be living in Brussels which is French speaking; Paris is 1 hour by train, so that's like from my house to Katy. 1 hour friends!) A lot of you have heard of Design Mom. It's my new moving-to-Europe-Bible! Turns out her sis is in Paris and has the delightful blog, Oh Happy Day. one link led to another and I found Bodie and Fou. Shopping, design, fashion.. yes, please! more fabulous design from a belgian herself at Belgian Pearls fun Paris mom. (thanks, Jessica) Velvet & Linen- fab designer that visited Belgium this summer and wrote extensively about it. So, do you have any to add to my list? Any favorite European fashion, style, living blogs that you can share? Please do!

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