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Legally Blonde Jr. {little miss elle woods}

Since it's Tony Award week, I was inspired to take a trip down our own musical theater memory lane, here at the Chubbyfoot house. :) Just as Annie was getting underway early last fall, C's middle school held open auditions for the school musical, Legally Blonde (Jr). I don't actually own many soundtracks to musicals, but happened to have this one and we've sung it ever since i took her to see it when she was 6 or 7 years old in Houston. (the full musical.. NOT completely appropriate I admit, but at that age, she just remembered the dog and all the pink) :) haha.. Long story short, as she was practicing the songs at home, I was thinking.. man, she's REALLY good. She IS Elle Woods. Perfect range for her voice.. amazing, fun expressions.. And sure enough, she WAS perfect for the part and got the understudy Elle as a 6th grader. The "main" 8th grade Elle was fabulous too and they ended up being good friends. As the understudy, she got to perform one full show and of course we were there en masse to support her. The cast did great and it was such a fun show for her to be a part of. I keep thinking, how amazing to be Annie AND Elle Woods as an 11 year old!?? I have a hunch that she has some fun parts in her future.. and you better believe I'll be on the front row, with tears in my eyes and a crazy full heart.. and then I'll subject you to plenty of photos of said event :) Now we just need to get a little video going... hmmm So without further ado.. some of my faves from Legally Blonde!


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