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let's start at the very beginning; a very good place to start..

(can you hear fraulein Maria singing with her guitar in the background?) Today is the start of a full time blog! So for those of you who have patiently been waiting, the time has come! The reason I can do this is because: 1. the kids started school today. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! (ok, I just went low-brow with that Talledega Nights reference) Everyone is SO ready to be back in a routine and interact with other humans besides the 4 people named Wheatley here! haha.. 2. Because of #1, I have had uninterrupted computer time for an entire hour.. and counting! 3. Today I pick up hubby's new TV, which will replace my IMac as the main viewing object from whence the precious SLINGBOX has heretofore been attached. Tonight's the BIG GAME (3:30am our time), so we hope to not hear the news before finally viewing it Tuesday after work. Well, I hate surpises, so I'll find out on facebook, but won't tell my boys. Anyway, the Houston Texans playoffs can be watched from now on in the living room and I can type away in the office! 4. I just got word that our shipment will be delivered THIS FRIDAY! That means our lives as gypsies (53 days and counting), are coming to end! So, while I still have some fall shoots to blog, and I promise I will, I'm excited to finally be able to share with you what's been going on with our family since Nov 17th! Moving around the holidays certainly was tricky. Add 2 Wheatley kids birthdays, Thanksgiving AND Christmas and looking back I'm really not sure how we did it!? The whole relocating process overseas was slow and complicated from the start. We first heard word the last week of July and landed in Brussels Dec 11th. Starting in September, we found out my husband's start date was Nov 1st so we assumed he or all of us would be moving by that date. Cue the fantastic goodbyes given by all our sweet friends, farewell trips to see out of state family, etc.. We finally got back an FBI check that took 10 weeks on Halloween and overnighted it to apply for our VISA. We'd heard that could be 2-3 weeks. During the waiting, we had the kids' Thanksgiving holiday coming up so we decided to let them say good-bye then and offcially take them out of school. So on Nov 17th, we sold our house applicances, Danny's truck and headed to Lousiana and MS to say goodbye (again) to our family and enjoy Thanksgiving. K had his 10th bday during that time, which we ended up driving 8 hours back to TX that day.. but a few days before, dad took he and 2 boy cousins to the Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days and they had a FANTASTIC time. SO, Nov 28th rolls around and still no word, and we don't want to put the kids back in school for another few days just to have to say good-bye again.. SO, we headed to the hill country! We stayed at my friend's condo in Marble Falls - thank you again, Fraleys! - and had a nice time as we WAITED. Certainly made the time go by faster as we hiked and explored. Here's a few pics from our TX adventures: Hiking Enchanted Rock.. ahh.. look at those blue skies! I miss them! ;(

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