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let’s talk shopping!!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Lots of people ask me where I get the kids' clothes. Honestly, I refrain from shopping as much as I'd like (and where I'd like!), and often get their things at local boutiques on sale or consignment stores. Target, Old Navy and Gap are standard favorites.. I also sew some, so I've made a few things here and there. I get my son's rocker T's just about anywhere, but Dillards has some cute ones right now. here's a few fun places that you might enjoy (and I would enjoy more if the budget allowed!) a new favorite H&M if you're ever in the Northeast or CA. They have a hip, CHEAP kids section.

Not Your Mother's Jeans CO. - do a search for "custom boutique" and all kinds of fun things will come up. A few of my favorite tag lines are "OOAK" or Limevine (for moms and kids!) the cutes barrettes ever this is a great site for almost anything. Check out the kaiya eve petticoat skirts (or do a search on ebay) matching brother/sister (which my kids have about outgrown, sniff, sniff)

So, what about this: if you have a favorite spot, post a comment and leave the name or url! I hope we hear from Leslie C. who is the queen of kiddie couture. =)

and I leave you with a few that I forgot to post of my own cutie pie.. all dressed up, but this time for her favorite afternoon activities.. dance and gymnastics.

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