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"let them eat {cup} cakes"

Rumor had it that Marie Antionette, queen of France, when told that the peasants had no bread to eat, said "let them eat cake". After witnissing the excess and grandeur of Versailles, one can easily sympathize with the plight of the starving peasants. Thanks to Rick Steves, we skipped the 3 hr queue and for just 1 euro more per ticket, snagged a guided tour of many apartments not available to the general public. We also had front row seats at the opera built for Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI's lavish wedding. Thanks, Rick!! After 90 minutes, however, our time was up and we were herded thru the rest of Versailles (Hall of Mirrors, Louis XVi's apartments) with a gazillion gawkers, much like Disney World in the peak of summer. Yikes! BUt we had a lovely day in Versailles and we even got to put littls sis's Marie Antionette t-shirt to good use ;)

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