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Lisbon {Lisboa}

oh how I love Lisbon! It's part San Francisco with a Spanish or Italian feel but a with Portugese flair. And the SUN. Usually lots of it. That's always a welcomed sight coming from grey Belgium. So, after our little Algarve jaunt, we scooted over to Lisbon for a day. I didn't do Belem and Sintra, which I LOVED and had seen on a previous trip. We focused on the inner city and did a walking tour instead. Here's some of my faves from our time there. Enjoy!

We've stayed at a LOT of hotels, b&b's, apartments over the years and I have to say this was one of our absolute favorites! In retrospect, I should have documented our lodging and restaurants better, and I have a lot of that info still if you ever need to ask.. I just don't have photos to go along with them. BUt seriously, if you're ever in Lisbon, I'd highly recommend! I was a gorgeous apartment right in the city. Tall ceilings, gorgeous furnishings, a yummy treat to greet us.. just book them! I also wanted to recommend our dinner spot, which is actually in a hostel next to a killer view. There's usually a wait, but it worth it: Decadente. Well, once again, I'm closing the chapter on a favorite European destination. Just for now... :) Thanks for looking! Few more adventures to share in Europe before I'm caught up so check back!

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