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little boy blue

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I've seen the most handsome fellas the last couple of months. here's a few of my favorite shots with them.. first off, the flemings. and mom brought one of my favorite books.. do you recognize it, even all blurry down there?? next up is a couple of boys you might recognize. zach was turning 6. and I so know how to chat with a 6 yr old! then, it was time for baby brother's 6 month pics. how yummy is he?? mr caden had one mode... GO! so we have lots of fun action shots.

this is more like little boy orange but on a blue wall! I met Brayden when he was just a baby, and it's been so fun to see him grow. Mom wanted these blur tile shots, so we braved a crazy 30' windy day, and he was a great sport about it. We were well rewarded! and his best accessory of the day.. (no, not the tweed jacket) beautiful mom =) and I found these bushes and had to sneak a few there. and another handsome fella rocking the orange.. the farrar boys. sweet little brother.

and the whole family having fun together.. and last but not least. the chamblee kids were too cute for words, so I'll let the pics say the rest. (and yes, there's one princess in this family!) thanks for looking!

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