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Ljubliana {say what?}

So, you've seen the fabulous adventure/nature side of Slovenia and now it's time to see it's quirky capital, Ljubliana. Most of you know I'm a big fan of the "book of Rick", and he says Krakow is the new Prague, and Ljubliana is the new Krakow. So, Ljubliana has been on my list for some time as well since we loved Prague AND Krakow! First let me tell you about a travel mis-step I made. I do make them from time to time (usually, when I'm NOT following Rick's advice) :) and this was one of them. I'd read that there was a really cool Hostel in Ljubliana (hostel Celica) that used to be an old prison and was converted into a hip Hostel. Voted #1 by Lonely Planet in Europe and everything. This was certainly a gamble as our hostel days are about 20 years behind us, but it sounded cool so I booked it. We were not fans. We are way too old and are obviously not hip enough, if dirty rooms, scratchy towels and full body tattoos are the standard fare. We slept lightly and without moving as much as possible and got outta there asap. The Mr. has assured me there's enough funds to cover a proper hotel/guesthouse/apartment for all future travels. lol. Our "Super hip hostel" was indeed in a super hip Austin-ish grafiti part of town that me and my camera quite enjoyed :) So the hostel was better to take pictures around than to actually sleep IN, so we're clear :)

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