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London (x2)

Last month I had a fun weekend trip to London with a fun group of gals to celebrate our friend Wendy's 40th birthday! While I was editing the photos, I wanted to double check and make sure I hadn't gotten a lot of the same pics from our pervious trip in May so I did a quick search on my blog and no London. What?? I blogged about Windsor and Lego Land, but forgot to blog London! SO.. in an effort to get caught up, I'll share London x2 with you today! First up: London in May with the fam: London was one of my all time favorites from our first travels thru Europe P.K.. (pre kids). It has it all: history, theater, bustling city.. everything you love about NYC, but about 1000 years older. And Westminister Abbey is still probably my all time fave where I could geek out for days. I call it my "mother ship" ;) So we knew we wanted to introduce the kids to London (an added bonus to us all this time around is that everything would be in English!), so we paired it with a trip to Legoland and voila: fun road trip! We drove (you can take the fast train which arrives in 2 hours, but it can be quite expensive for 4), but thought it'd be need to take the chunnel in the car. Then we'd have the car to go to Windsor and do some exploring around Dover at the end. Kuddos to dad for driving on the other side of the road for 4 days! It was mostly following traffic, but once in a while he'd do a round-about and get a little confused.. but we lived to tell the story! London is especially fun for kids, because they know a lot about it already: Big Ben, double decker busses, the queen, etc... The big items on our agenda were : The Tower Bridge Tower of London tour with a beefeater London Eye ride (this wasn't up when we were there last!?) Westminister, of course! British Museum seeing Buckingham Palace and Big Ben oh, and seeing the new musical, Matilda, which i'd heard was great. We got to most of it. Little sis started running a fever the last day and we opted for sitting on a double decker bus as we whizzed by landmarks so she could rest, in lieu of the British Museum. We also didn't do any Harry Potter landmarks, but had a feeling we'd be back again .. So, without further ado.. London with kids!

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