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long time no blog…

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

sorry gang.. i've had a crazy couple of weeks. Throw in a girls trip to Destin last weekend, which was FABULOUS. Don't you know I didn't break out the camera for one picture?! Oh well..

I do have plenty of beautiful families to share with you though. I've got quite a backlog going, so let me get started! the bauer family was so excited to have big brother home from Iraq. I was honored to meet them and hang out on a gorgeous good friday.

another family with kids over 5 yrs old.. whoo hoo =) I love it when they say, "our last family pics were 15 yrs ago when big bangs were in style, etc..". This family was also a blast to work with and not too shabby on the eyes.

thanks you guys and happy framing!

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