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lots of lovin’

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I have lots to share of some fun lovin' families.. but first, a few things. ** make sure and check my calendar for up-to-date info. I'm trying to keep up with it, but am making changes daily, so make sure and check it out! ** only 2 more JUST THE CARD days left. Wed, Oct 28th in the Woodlands, and Friday, Oct 30th here in Kingwood. ** ONE SOFA session at 8:20am this Sunday if someone wants to nab it! ** Old Town Spring was a blast.. can't wait to share those pictures. Will be there Monday, NOV 23rd for those interested!

OK.. on to the good stuff loved this mom and daughter duo hanging in the city... and how cute is this family of 5? the grandparents jumped in a few as well.. yuo might recognize this handsome crew and the littles I loved meeting these guys for the first time. I believe this was mom's bday present =) and it was fun seeing these guys again! they'd added little miss priss since I saw them last!

how cute are they?? and yet another sweet 3-some that is too cute for words.. thanks for looking! =)

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