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magnificent mallorca

Ahh.. I've been missing a true beach vacation. You know the kind. Wake up to the sound of 7 excited kids (sorry Shayna) ;), schlep your towels, toys and kids to the beach, read a book, catch waves, have a girlie beach drink, drag sandy kids back home, shower and lotion up sun-kissed cheeks, dinner on the patio with ocean view, kids to bed and adults chatting over sangria, sleep well and repeat. ;) A few months ago, I realized the hubby would be out of vacation when the kids had a 4 day weekend in September. I sheepishly asked vacation-depleted hubby if he minded if the rest of us headed to the beach and he happily obliged (biking and football sans kids all weekend!? Sure thing!). So I rounded up some girl friends and we booked our RyanAir flights to Mallorca, Spain! Ever heard of it? It's an island off the east coast, close to Ibiza.

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