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Updated: Jan 14, 2023

so usually you think of wanting more kids when you see a sweet baby all cute and cuddly. but it was a family of adults that did that for me this time last week. the beautiful "non-twin" in the photos is a dear friend of mine that came in from sri lanka for a visit. her brother and mom live here, but the sisters came from various parts of the world as well for a reunion of sorts. i was honored to take their pictures to capture them all together at this season in their lives. they were too much fun and kind of made me want twin girls next so canon could have all this sisterly love! (my husband is running, not walking to the dr as I type!? ha ha..) but really, they were so much fun and i thought i'd share a couple of my favorites.

ooh.. and look at what I got all the way from india =) thanks, suleca! speaking of cute and cuddly, here's a favorite that I couldn't resist. mr. hudson did great for his session.. and big sis was as beautiful as ever. i love this one of jill. i can't wait to meet the baby at the end of the summer!

and here's the webster family being guarded by the fiercest of their family =) i was delighted to go to their beautiful home and get some shots in their surroundings. finally, i have 2 beauiful girls to share. here's miss chloe whom i met when she was just a couple of months. that was then... and this is now.. happy birthday, chloe! and i've had the pleasure of watching caroline grow as well. I first met her when we took her baptism photos at the chapel in her beautiful dress. she'll soon be three, and mom is still has her looking beautiful -

it's fun to look back and I'll try to post them more often. Since i've gone digital, it's easier to track down.. but time is also a factor. So, just enjoy when you see them! thanks for looking and i hope to have more up soon!

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