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mercer in the fall

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

mercer is stunning in the spring..lots of flowers everywhere, but it's also fun in the fall. There's still plenty of green and stone features to enjoy.

Here's a few from there last month.

The Cookseys were first-timers and were a blast to photograph. Their kids are pure yumminess.

a good old belly laugh

I also saw the Jenkins family again. I've gotten to photograph them a couple of years now and it's fun to watch "C" grow. Happens to be his 2nd birthday too!

I so enjoyed seeing the sandburgs again. I just photographed baby "w" earlier in the year and was glad to capture the 3 of them interacting.

as you can see.. they made ME look good!

finally, the kammans had a funny story. They came all the way from Pearland and it turns out I've photographed their nephews for the last couple of years in kingwood and they never knew! she was talking to her sis in law a few days before telling her about taking pics near here and she was like, how did YOU hear about chubbyfoot all the way in Pearland!? ... good news travel far! ha ha...

thanks for coming all the way out - I hope it was worth it =)

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