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merry christmas! (on January 11th)

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I know, I know.. that's SO last year. But this is when I get to slow down and post my own!Here's my card, made by the fabulous Miranda at Little Divas. the front the yummy inside the back So there you have it! Thanks all of you for peeking in this past year. Big changes are coming.. like the combining of my blog and website to make one site that I'll actually update often!

in the meantime, I've been furiously scanning and will post the Christmas Card entries in the next day or 2. So get ready to vote for your faves!

** Also, I'm making my calendar for the year, so now's the time to speak if you have any special requests. (ie.. travel, new or old spots, suburbs you'd like me to hit) Here's a couple of fun ideas I have brewing for this year. See if you can guess where they lead... =)

thanks for looking! It's a new year and my reslove is to see you here more often!

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