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merry new year??! :)

Has it really been full month since I posted?? Christmas, New Year's and a trip across the pond happened in the meantime. Yikes! So much to share, but I'll start with a proper Christmas card, just a month late or so :) The fabulous Miranda (former Chubbyfoot editor extraordinare) was on the look out for this year's card for me. How could I possibly fit so many fantastic memories on one card?? Well she did outdid herself by 1. Finding the card and 2. creating the template to personalize it for me! SO thank you, thank you to the always fabulous Miranda. So.. Merry belated Christmas and New Year to you and yours. Not sure I can top 2012 in terms of fun and exciting adventures, but I'm sure gonna try!! Here's a little virtual tour of the card for ya.. I've always loved this photo of the kids in Venice on the Gondola..

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