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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

this time of year, I have the pleasure of photographing some of my own family's friends. thought I'd commit a post to my dear amigos.. tiffany is a friend I talk to about 3x a day. often we chat at 8am while one of us is carrying the other's child to school b/c we didn't have time to say all that was needed in the 2 minute pick-up?! she's solely responsible for the 5 times I've eaten something besides cereal or pb&j for lunch since September and that's just one of the many reasons I'm thankful she's in my life. =) she's also famous in our house for being the mom of my daughter's best friend in the whole world. they've been in the same class since they were 1, have taken dance and gymnastics together and have this crazy love'hate teenage relationship already. But really, I think they act a lot like sisters, which is special for me since I didn't have any siblings. and I SO enjoy getting my baby fix from this cutie pie. these next 2 families are girls from my "bunko" group. A group of girls I met not long after moving to kingwood, and all friends for life.

the goebels - and the lehnerts. Both these moms are running their 1st marathon in January, so if you're out there and see you them make sure and yell extra loud! you might even see me tagging along for support =)

michele and I met through my hubby.. she's an engineer with him and we bonded on a business trip to London years ago. several kids later and now, living an hour apart, we rarely see each other.. but when we do, it's just like old times. We were actually in a book club for a while together. If you're reading, Michele, isn't that crazy that there was a time in our lives when we read actual books!? And even more crazy is the fact that tiffany r. was reading with us!? (haha, tiff, if you're reading this) I don't think I'm being partial when I say mr. "l" is one of the cutes kids I've photographed =)

and I KNOW you recognize these cuties. I taught with their moms before kids and chubbyfoot. They were among my first clients and have been regulars ever since. it's been fun to see their families grow and I think I can safely say they're all done adding?? isn't that right, girls? you should have seen us this weekend waking up the entire neighborhood getting these kiddos to smile. But oh the results... =)

We met graham and audrey's mom and dad in our Heights days. Many camping and destin trips, new year's eves and dinner club's later, we're life long friends and our kids have no choice but to love each other like their own cousins! next year, there will be a little brother in the mix!

and last but not least is my little friend that shares my name. mckenzie and hunter are my running buddy, kristina's kids. we've been friends for a few years now, so she knows the drill. good friend and avid exerciser Jan - Sept, m.i.a. Oct - Dec. looking forward to hanging out again in a few weeks, kris!

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