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“mom, boys just like to play the most”

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

so the word of the day is playful. Really, I would hope that all of my sessions are playful and fun. It's what most families are made of and I love capturing those times. I definitely had some fun with the clark family this fall. Check out this little honey bunny! the galleys and I had a blast for a full 20 minutes before it started raining! yikes! they were great sports and we hung out waiting for the rain to clear.. thanks, you guys, for another fun session.

this family was a lot of fun to work with. They came with extended family (brewster if you're looking online), so we had double the fun. little miss sunshine and her gorgeous big sis. I wish I'd looked this pretty in those tween years! =) and how fun is this? I've seen the purtzers now a few times, so they pulled out a fun prop for the occasion. and the whole gang This is one of my favorite pics of this awesome family. I've loved the doves since I met them a few years ago. i love how a little chaos is happening around them, yet they look so calm, cool and collected =) little man getting some air time... i must admit that I get excited when I have the chance to photograph an only child. Of course I love all the sibs, but it's neat to get to focus on just one for a while and truly play and interact with just her. miss ellory was a precious model this day and lit up the camera. (outfit by matilda jane if you were wondering!) and we literally had to hold our breath while shooting at this spot b/c it was so stinky, and keep ellory out of the traffic just 2 feet away, but i just love the bricks here and wanted this shot!

the bradfords were fun to see again this year. They were up for anything to get a good smile. i love this one too..

a new family I met this year was the toth's. they were good sports and we had fun capturing this time in their lives. And once in a while, I'd do something to get an infant AND a 5 year old to smile! =) speaking of cute sibs.. check out these angels. I think this was my 3rd year to take these guys pics and it just keeps getting more fun. They looked adorable as always and their laughs were contagious. (fields) last but not least, the balliets. little miss M was all about playing, so we just ran right along with her! thus, the perfect end to my "playful" post!

thanks for looking and I check back for more soon!

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