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mom, I have to tell you 3 things.

a little back story - I married into a swimming family. Not the Michael Phelps variety per se, but the swim-party-every-weekend-for-the-youth-group kind of family. Oh and my mother-in-law practically taught half of the people ages 10-40 to swim in Baton Rouge. Both my kids swam early and often. So when neighborhood swim team came around, it happened that we lived on "THE" swim street in Sand Creek, Kingwood, Texas! ;) Lots of positive peer pressure ensued and despite the long Saturday meets often in sweltering heat, we were hooked. We have SO MANY great memories with the Sand Creek Sea Lions. It really is a family of sorts with so amazing coaches throughout the years.. most of which were long time Sea Lions themselves. There are many traditions: cheers that make you tear up and give you goosebumps, coaches skits and elaborate syncronized swims, silly pep rally themes and overall, an amazing camraderie based on excellent sportsmanship and fun. No one has made it to the Olymipcs from our team that I know of.. but thousands of kids have learned about being a good sport, discipline and teamwork. I love that and love that our kids were able to experience it.. especially my boy, who now LOVES the sport and carries on these character traits. In fact, the first time we told him about the big move, the first words out of his mouth was "so that means I won't be a Sea Lion anymore"?? (insert tissues for heartbroken kid AND mom) A few pics of my sweet boy from his first season, to his last.

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