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“mommy, i miss you very, very, very, very, very

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

very much! " (my son when I call them every day to check on them)

so my week off has been a treat. I haven't done a stick of laundry. Turns out the 2 of us don't create that much! haven't cooked ONCE. turns out we can eat cereal in a pinch, and eating out with friends has been much more fun. I haven't picked up one toy since I cleaned the house on Sunday (and it's Saturday at noon!). BUT.. I haven't been showered with kisses all week. The hubby's good for a few, but you know how it is. I've been sleeping in, but it's not nearly as fun to wake up as it is when 4 little feet run in, jump in the bed and snuggle and giggle. I officially miss them and will certainly soak up all their sweet lovin' when they arrive tonight! =)

Not that I haven't had my cute-kid fix this week though. I met mr. ethan on his actual birthday at mercer arboretum on thursday. Here's a funny face I couldn't help posting. and i was itching to get him in front of this blue wall..

here's the herring kids in what we thought might be the only way to get all 3 of them together! but then i remembered the swing! we got some great shots despite the mucky heat and threatening rain. I hope it was worth it mom!

and finally, here's some fun shots taken at miss ashley's house. she's just 5 weeks, and did great at her debut. big sis wasn't all too thrilled with the much desired sibling shot. So we tried all kinds of tricks. (that's fairy wings by the way) but we did get a few and here's one of my favorites

thanks for looking!

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