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more about addi – donating a session!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

thank you for your response about addi faith. Several have emailed me and I hope that translates into help for the bender family. thank you so much!

If you do get a chance to go to the benefit this FRIDAY, you can bid on a session from moi! =) 30 minutes at a local spot of your choice. Value is $200.

Here's a wonderful email I received from a client and friend this week: "thank you so much, Mackenzie. I mentioned the Bender family situation at Sunday school for thoughts and prayers and our class decided to make a basket for the silent auction and many of the couples are interested in attending the charity event. So, thank you. God works in mysterious ways."

That rocks! So, thank you again for considering this family in your thoughts, prayers and even your pocketbook.

I have MANY sessions to share, but I wanted to leave Addi up for a few days to give her the proper "air time" she deserves. Thanks for understanding and we'll return to our regularly scheduled programing tomorrow, but for today at least, I wanted to keep the bender family fresh on your minds =)

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