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mussels and waffles and frites, oh my!

The trifecta of Belgian cuisine. Actually, it's more like a hexagonalate (that's a word, right?) that also includes the world's best beer and chocolate, but the former 3 just worked so well with my little lions and tigers and bears theme :) In between our German/Austrian adventure with MaeMae and Paris, we squeezed in a few fun days in Belgium since that's, in fact, where we are proud to call home! It's such a unique culture here, that it would be a shame to exclude a few days in our home country when our visitors come. here's a few pics to share: Day 1 always gets the royal Grand place avec waffle treatment! We also had our favorite raclette hot plate dinner, which would have been too warm a meal in our usual Houston summers. (always looking for the silver lining to this cold summer i've been assigned to!)

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