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my first family in Christmas red!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

so I had my first family in christmas red this week! i've photographed the dicksons several times, and now got to meet their new addition. here's a couple of my favorite shots: here's baby brother and good big sis: here's another neat family that I got to meet. the rinandos. it's funny how families with one child are usually such a breeze! this cutie pie was no exception. he started off shy, but warmed up in no time. and this is the canon clan. the ones in orange are actually some of our closest friends in houston. we met hope when we first moved here, and got to know and love her then fiance JJ. i went to Rosenburg to his dad's 65th birthday party, where I got to photograph the entire clan.. even great grandma who we got dressed up in her bed for us! it was a special night. here's great grandma getting a kiss from her only great great grandchild. this is dillon a day before his 4th birthday. he was too cute, and he and his fam were sporting some cool Aruba duds.. they'd just gotten back from a family trip. maybe i can tag along to photogtragh the next family beach trip??? =) and about to be one tomorrow, here's Tyler. I met his mom and dad over 3 yrs ago when I photographed them as a couple. How neat to meet their handsome son at almost 1! I'll be seeing them again as a family in a couple of weeks so you'll see more of them soon. and last, but not least.. here's miss emery. am just giving you a tease so you click on her name and see all the precious ones we got. how can you not love a fairy traipsing through the grass?? thanks for coming out, mom, and next time YOU need to get in a few!

take care and happy Friday to everyone!

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