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my girl {Doha senior photography}

One of the best parts of my job has been watching so many families grow over the years. New additions, preschoolers to seniors... 16 years this fall!? I have a few clients that have been with me LONGER than my baby girl! I remember trying to hurry and finish the fall rush and delivering pics to the last client literally the day before I was admitted to the hospital to have her. This "baby" is almost 15 and of course, she's my favorite model and many of you have watched her grow up here on the blog. (She has a very handsome older brother that I love too, I promise, but he's less keen to triapse around Doha and be photographed) :) Here's a series of fun pics we took a few months ago. And don't think I get off the hook without a bribe just bc she's older.. we ended the session at the gorgeous Mondrian where we indulged in Magnolia bakery goodies :)

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