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my list of happies

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

13 days without power today. So I'm thinking happy thoughts. =) (I posted some happy thoughts on facebook and had several commenters who couldn't believe I was so cheery). I mean, how bad do I really have it in the grand scheme of things, right!? So, here's 13 Good things that have come from dear IKE.

#13 - getting ready in the morning has been a breeze without all those corded appliances! Frizz is in. #12 - I've read no less than 5 books in 13 days. I now have a strange desire to read up on the Amish. #11 - I haven't made one online purchase (bad for the economy, good for my bank account AND my hubby) #10 - I now own a lifetime's supply of mosquito repellant. #9 - I'm saving so much time on cleaning that huge side-by-side fridge. My igloo cleans up in just a snap! #8 - quality and quantity time with friends AND neighbors. I actually have phone numbers for my neighbors and know first names! #7 - the absolute freedom from doing certain household chores such as vaccuming, laundry, emptying the dish washer, etc.. no guilt about that you physically can't do! #6 - feeling all giddy as I rendezvous with my honey in a hotel once a week while he's called away on Ike-recovery duties, even though it is a Best Western.. in Beaumont... with the kids...and he's as glad to see me as he is his clean laundry! =) #5 - experiencing the good will of friends, acquaintances and even strangers (I had a client offer me a generator after reading this blog the other day!) #4 - festival-schmestival... sure we had to cancel our long anticipated trip to the ACL music fest this weekend, but think of the sleep, hearing and brain cells we'll save! #3 - simple pleasures are simple again. I almost wet my pants with excitement today when i saw a school parking lot FULL of tree clearing trucks. They're making way for the cherry pickers!! #2 - eating cereal for dinner (my kids told me to post that one) #1 - think of all the money we're saving on electricity this month!? Do you have any great blessings you'd like to share from this experience?? I'd love to hear them! And just so you know, as I type this, I'm sitting in my good friend Lexie's guest room on her well appointed fluffy bed, with the a/c cranked AND a ceiling fan making me a tad chilly, but feeling just fine from great conversation, wine, and 2 loads of laundry freshly folded in their baskets. I don't have it too bad at all.

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