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my peeps

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

so I've been thinking about peeps recently.. no, not the Easter variety, but the glue of friendships that holds me together. It's always fun to be able to photograph my friends and here's a very belated smattering of my bffs and their fams.

tiffany and her gang... turns out this beautiful one is my daughter's bff as well.. how convenient =) little J.. handsome as ever and their precious new addition oh and here's a fave of when he was just a few weeks.. then there's my "DC" girls... my adopted sisters. karen and her crew and her adorable babies - big boy "G" little miss "a", otherwise known as trouble =) and sweet baby E who's about to be ONE!? and the canons this fall and introducing miss c. wide eyed and perfect her first week of life! and proud big sis and the last of my dc girls.. casey, who busted up the crew and moved to temple, tx. =( she has a new addition who arrived earlier this week, jude everett, but all I have are pics of jude are when he still baking this fall =) and I had to throw in this pic of miss a, which you might recognize...

so, there you have it. love my peeps...

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