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"No one fights alone" - the Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research

I'm sorry that this post is LONG overdue. But who knows.. maybe it's just in time to help push them over the 1 million mark. Keep reading and you'll find out ;) Meet the Broach family. I first photographed this sweet Houston family several years ago and it has been a pleasure to see them over the last few years. It was especially hard to say good bye this last fall, as dad is in the midst of a war against brain cancer. It sucks, quite honestly; it's unfair to be sure; but you should see what this amazing couple is doing for the future of finding a cure for Brain Cancer! So far, they have raised over $900,000 to find a cure!! They are an amazing inspiration to all, and I am blessed to know them and call them friends. If you can, please consider giving to support their cause. I've made a convenient button at the top of my blog, but you can also find out more by clicking here or going to their facebook page. Here's a few pics from our last photo session. I'm praying that there will be many more when I return ;) (or when they come to visit me in Europe!)

"In August of 2011, James Broach was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, a grade IV astrocytoma, also known as a glioblastoma. This came just ten months after his previous diagnosis of a grade II astrocytoma during a surgery on October 12, 2010. After his second craniotomy, James received a round of IMRT radiation along with chemotherapy. He now does a chemotherapy regiment that is thought to slow the progression of the disease. Despite the difficult treatments and the cancer growing in his brain, James knew he wanted to make an impactful difference in the fight to cure brain cancer.

Along with his wife, Jamie, he decided to actively join the effort of pursuing a cure for this extraordinarily challenging and under-funded disease. The Broaches and our Executive Board consequently established The Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research to raise funds and awareness for the benefit of adult brain cancer research." thank you, thank you James and Jamie, for your tireless efforts and graciousness thoughout your battle. You both are an inspiration to so many, and you are in my thoughts and prayers!

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